Get out of cocoon

Get out of the cocoon
Of all the things I saw and experienced think the ones that really are worth are the bonds we create.
People disappoint us all the time, but maybe it's because we create too much expectations on them and not love them for what they are and, but for what we imagine it would be, and we want to be.
Already I cut myself, I lived in my own world to know that no one can understand me and that people only hurt me. You know what I found? The world loses its color and life becomes dull.
God saw that it was not good that the man lived alone and managed to Adam a companion and these constituted his family. And today we are here living in society.
You know what I learned? I learned not to expect others to be what I want and accept them as they are. Share what can be shared and my secrets I give to God.
Earring, river, I communicate and I can assure you that life made more sense.
Respect the differences.
Live in harmony with people.
Doe was more.
Get out of the cocoon.
Let the world beat you and show how much you are stronger because you're like a rock which nothing can shake you.

But the Lord is my defense; and my God is the rock of my refuge. Psalms 94:22
By: Daia Bem


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