Rain of arrows ...

Rain of arrows ...

Some days, weeks we face true medieval battles in the spiritual field and psychological.Is as if we were living our worst nightmare and look around we were surrounded by enemies within a huge battlefield in estranha.We look earth to heaven and see arrows welcome mass being thrown at us like rain, there is nowhere to run, there is for those who ask for help, there is no place seguro.We are targeted with words of defeat, with treacherous gestures and even who should help thee He turns his back or throws his arrow at you.
Life is so complicated and so unfair to vezes.Today I understand the pain of those who suffer, those who get tired of those who desistem.Nem all are strong, not all born to the battlefield, not all win the war.
We need to plant more optimistic, comforting words, gestures of affection, we need to exercise good.
We need to ease the pain of those who are weak, those who do not support the struggle of those who are not born to confront.
We are brothers, we have to join forces, we have to raise the weak, we must rise to be erected.


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