Stop being a slave.

One voice, one force, one light, one people serving one God!We are all one people, one race; we are all children of one Father.It has been said there at the beginning and has been repeated for thousands of years.So I say to you that still serves the backrests:- In order to serve as a slave of thousands of entities, working day and night to support them with work if you can leave everything and everyone and follow one God without paying nothing, doing nothing, just be correct and have a pure heart?I did not see any advantage in being a slave to look back and I served them on my spiritual ignorance of time. They were cool dawn the street delivering work, sleeps poorly asleep, increasingly wrapped life and entities increasingly asking offerings. I was a slave of a system which I feared most that respected.I will never forget one night I was sick of everything, while waiting for the holy father to the spiritual cleaning in my house, I was there on the street, I looked up and said to God: If the Lord is the most powerful of all, if the Lord is above everything and everyone, changes my life I can not stand it.From that day on in my life took a 360 ° turn. Nothing alive today resembles the life I had and today I can tell you that I am much happier and have peace because today I am free of all religious doctrine and charging that these spiritualities require.The people came out of Egypt, no longer a slave, but deep down is still rooted this feeling that we have obligations to comply with the spirit world and God does not require us anything, it is not so taken seriously. It seems like people like to be a slave.Stop being a slave.Serve God.You know what God will ask you in return?Nothing stuff! He just wants you to recognize that it is God who is above all and all.

By Daia Bem


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