What has stolen your attention?

What has stolen your attention?What has taken you focus?Maybe you do not understand why things do not change and because you can not resolve your situation.Dreams with a daily life, a better day and it never comes.Maybe you miss the drop these things that have bogged the time and it has not added anything in your life.Lose hours talking nonsense on social networks, playing, drinking, smoking, watching soap opera, among other things and wasting a very valuable time that could be added to learn something more, to repair where the error is to seek a logical solution for your life .Cries out to God day and night for a change and when God sends the resources you need to put in place so that they happen you can not because it is busy with trifles.Change your focus to change life.Let go of all that does not add up and start to repair in your life what is wrong, what can be done to improve and take action for the solution.Stop complaining, roll up your sleeves and go to fight.Stop wasting time because time is passing and you're not doing anything.
By: Daia Bem


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