What was great, seemingly invincible today is nothing.

Babylon, Sodom, Egypt, Israel, Moab, Ethiopia and others. What do they have in common?
One day they were major world powers, made history and people thought he could do anything and everything did. Overgrown and together grew all kinds of dirt that a human being can practice.
What was great, seemingly invincible today is nothing.
What happened to them?
Just read the Bible you will find all the very detailed responses, but in summary I tell you that the great evil of them was forgotten that there was a much more powerful God that all of them together.
Do not mock God and his word. Do not underestimate the commandments. Do not play to be God.
It can show quiet, letting things take their natural course, but there will appear in front of what our world is today and what it will become. It all depends on how much we are discredited and diverted, and this will determine whether we have the same purpose as the cities mentioned above.
Come back to God while there is time.
Abandon the wrong practices.
Build a better future for you and your family.


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