One minute you stop and think: What am I doing?
Amid such run the day-to-day demands I just forgot what I was and I was serving.
I thought I was doing everything right and a snap I woke up, I looked at myself and felt ashamed of what was happening. I thought prioritized the Lord, but I ended up leaving aside for a moment of my day.
I apologize to him for a moment I forgot how pure and true he is. I am ashamed to have given wings to futile things and buried what is priority for me: sanctification.
Do not be a fool like me. Chord!
It purifies your soul and empty of empty and futile thoughts you have taken your time.
I woke up when I heard a song that spoke of him.
Do the same, may happen to you too.
"I have seen all the works that are done under the sun, and behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit.Eclesiastes 1:14"
By Daia Bem


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