Hello, my name is Mayara, I'm 19 years God changed my life. Even in my childhood, I never liked to play with things girls, or any other game that involved girls. And because of this my behavior, I was a little aggressive with my sisters, and I often beat them. It was with this attitude that I was becoming a rebellious teenager. Because of this, my preadolescence was full of friends (boys only). At school, they looked at me different because my clothes were always male. No one wanted to be near me, and for that reason often eschewed the path and not going to school. Over time, I became popular with that my way, several people were around me, especially girls. I was the center of attention at school and I was adapting myself to new friends, since I had some difficulty making new friends. But even being popular among the new friends, I felt different from everyone. Later, with the influence of those "friends", I started to get involved with girls, because at home I never had my parents' attention, and among them I had. First, because my mother was gone, he moved to another city, and I was living only with my father who unfortunately went out every day for drinking and drugging, leaving me home alone. Over time, one of my sisters went to live with me, and she was killed near my home. With that episode in my mind, I became more angry and aggressive. I started to get involved with guns, drugs and parties. Carrying drugs and weapons from one city to another and loved to dance in dance groups. I could not live anywhere else. I lived at the home of several people in several districts in Natal - and dangerous neighborhoods. And that's when I started going to gay ballads, where all were physically like me. Even being in a "fun" place, I always felt empty and sad. I did not understand why that feeling of loneliness. There were several girls behind me, wearing the best clothes and drinks, but when he came home, crying, trying to figure out why so much pain in the soul. And for relief I tried suicide. I thought if I took my life would be giving an end that pain, how much illusion! But even I going through all this suffering, I knew the work of FJU (Force Universal Young). But I did not want to give up the girlfriends, funk and friends. The workers never gave up on me, always invited me to go to church on Sunday mornings. And as always, I made excuses not to go. Until there was a day that hit that will meet the Sunday meeting. I went and sat in the last banks. I remember I was in shorts and flip flops, but I could not focus on what the pastor preached, I did not care for what he said on the Altar. I was a time without going, but I began to notice that there in the church, they gave me attention. There was always smiling young for me, happy that I was there, asking if I was okay. They sat down to talk to me, always showing me the value I had for God. From that day on, I embarked on a spiritual struggle, and was sure that was going to win once and for all. I will not deny, it was quite difficult, but she was determined. Taking the attitude of me to baptize in water was crucial for my new life. With three months of IURD, came to change completely! I took all my clothes and threw away. I asked for help my sister to get new clothes. This was a shock to everyone, especially to me. At first it was very difficult for me to adapt to new clothes, since I had used men's clothing for many years. It was very strange at first learn to use the women's accessories, it was as if I was entering another world, but in a few months I was adapting myself. I began to dedicate myself more in the church, was more times during the week, as did everything to have the Holy Spirit ... I wanted to have Him! I was willing to draw attention to Him. And finally I won my beloved Holy Spirit! Oh, what a day !!!! Something that has no explanation. Simply changes everything, nothing else matters. The thought that you have is that happiness lives forever within you, and everyone will know that unconditional love. Born love for souls, and all you want to do is to speak of God to those who do not know Him! To this day I remember a phrase that the leader FJU told me there at the beginning: "You do not need to change your way, let the Holy Spirit guide you." And that's exactly what happened. Now I am a new creature. Today, I live with my parents again and was consecrated the working last November 29, 2015. A moment of joy, full excellence my God! And yes, my greatest desire is to do the work on the Altar and take my life story where I go. Win souls for the Kingdom of God ... My life, that one day was cause for sadness today have joy in Serving a God who transformed completely. SOMEONE BELIEVED IN ME!


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