The love!

One day, someone will show up in your life and take all the place. Change some opinions, their sixth rides, your TV show. It will also change the first thought on waking, and dreams of every night will make you overcome every day, and learn the true essence of love. That same person will make your childhood nightmare change, and what was the bogeyman of the closet now is afraid to see her go someday. This person will also be the reason for you to be here. Will make you be willing to present it to all, will have to show your foibles, take it to your favorite places, will grow in you something very beautiful and special, something you never felt. Will make you daydream to drive to your house, in the shower. It will make you sigh from minute to minute, will make you feel peace just by looking at her. This person will pick up your world and turn inside out, but you will not turn on, will only find all very beautiful, like everything she does. It will make you think in the future, to build a family. Will make you want to always be your best just to please you, you will want to do on a Saturday watching a movie eating popcorn just because the company will be at his side her. This person will make you grow, make you vibrate every smile, and will always be there to hold you if there falls. This person will be your safe haven, the one you always expected. That person is the love of life. "


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