What sets a strong person?

What causes a person to be strong is not the amount of times it reaches the top, but the amount of times it faced the impossible and has not given up.
It is not easy to withstand the pressure. It is not easy to catch life and remain standing.
The glory comes with sacrifice, the struggle with the pain.
It is not easy to remain standing for more than harping on circumstances get you down.
It's not easy to keep believing and stay in a place that many do not try to get even because it is easier for them to stay out trying to discourage you.
What makes you strong is being wounded, bruised, but standing.
Stay strong, do not give up, do not be discouraged, for I can tell you that the taste of victory who tried a thousand times better than the bitterness of defeat never tried!
God is with you!
By: Daia Bem


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